The Arts


​​​​​​​At Humpybong State School, we  pride ourselves on the artistic opportunities we offer our students. Not only are students able to participate in specialist curriculum and co-curricular Music lessons, they also benefit from lessons and opportunities provided by our specialist Art teacher.


Humpybong State School has a rich and varied music program. As part of The Arts curriculum, all students from Prep through to Year 6 attend Music lessons each week which are delivered by a specialist classroom music teacher. The music program focuses on students making music and developing the ability to think and express themselves in sound.  The aim of these lessons is to build on students' understanding of the elements of music through singing, listening, moving and playing instruments. Students are encouraged to compose and create their own music and express themselves as both a creator of, and audience for, music. A range of co-curricular music groups (such as String Ensembles and Concert Band), and extra-curricular music groups (Junior and Senior Choirs) complement the classroom program.  There is also an opportunity to participate in a range of lunch time Music clubs.



Instrumental music

Students in Years 3 - 6 have the opportunity to join our Instrumental Music program. Selected students will be taught to play orchestral or concert band instruments during school time by specialist Instrumental Music teachers.  Lessons are usually of half hour duration and will be given on a group basis to between three and ten students.  Instrumental Music lessons are developed and delivered to meet the Australian Curriculum requirements. The aim of the instrumental program is to provide quality tuition by a specialist strings or multi-instrumental (brass, woodwind, percussion) teacher in order for these students to develop their music skills to the highest standard they are capable of.


When they are ready, students are invited to perform in one of our String Ensembles or Concert Bands. All the instrumental ensembles perform at school and community functions as well as entering competitions such as Fanfare and Peninsula Music Festival.  In 2022, our Intermediate String Ensemble, Senior String Ensemble and Senior Concert Band all received a Silver Award as part of the Fanfare music festival.


Students also have the opportunity to attend Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced music workshops to receive mentoring and perform in ensembles with students from across the region who are working at a similar level.  From time to time, our students who excel in this area are chosen to attend the State Honours Ensemble Program at the Conservatorium of Music. 


Multi-Instrumental (Brass, Woodwind, Percussion) Program:

Students are invited to apply for this program at the end of Year 3.  Successful students then commence learning brass, percussion or woodwind instruments at the start of Year 4.  During the first year of tuition the students will join the Junior Concert Band and then the following year they proceed onto the Senior Concert Band. The concert bands rehearse once a week either before school or lunch time.


Strings Program: 

Students are invited to apply for this program at the end of Year 2.  Successful students may commence learning a string instrument from Year 3. During their second year of tuition the students will join the Intermediate String Ensemble and then the following year they proceed onto the Senior String Ensemble. These group rehearse once a week either before school or lunch time.




Choral Program:

Singing has always played an important part in Humpybong State School's music program. We have both a Senior and Junior Choir (Junior Singers) that rehearse each week.  The Senior Choir perform at both school events and external community events such as local fetes, community celebrations and retirement villages. They also compete at Choral Fanfare competitions. All rehearsals are conducted out of school time - either before school or during lunch breaks.


Humpybong State School celebrates and showcases the talents of all of our instrumental students and choirs at our bi-annual Music Recital Nights which are a highlight of our school calendar.


As a school we are fortunate toalso  have an Arts Specialist Teacher who provides weekly lessons for all students with a focus on Visual Art, Drama and Media Arts. The students' visual art pieces are showcased at our annual Art Show. The official Art Show opening is sponsored by the P&C and also includes local community artists sharing their talents.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts curriculum aims to develop students' skills, different approaches to art making and reflection to arts practises and creating thinking. Students learn about the role of the artist, craftsperson and designer in society and ultimately how art work can be created and why.

Using a range of different mediums and styles, over 1500 art works are displayed at the Humpybong SS Annual Art Show. This is a major event that goes over 3 days culminating in a visiting auctioneer to auction donated artworks and an artist from the community to run two Visual Arts workshops for students.

Art Show 2021.jpg

Media Arts

Media arts learning involves creating representations of the world and telling stories through communications technologies such as television, film, video, newspapers, radio, and mobile media. Students enrich their media arts knowledge, understanding and skills individually and collaboratively.

Students develop confidence to experiment with and interpret the media-rich culture and communications practices that surround them. For example, students currently create, radio advertisements, Interviews and documentaries, stop motion animation stories and experiment with photography and video techniques based on what year level they are attending.


Drama is the expression and exploration of personal, cultural and social worlds through role and situation that engages, entertains and challenges. drama knowledge, understanding and skills.

Students develop confidence and self-esteem to explore, depict and celebrate human experience, take risks and challenge their own creativity through drama.  Students have the opportunity to experiment in role playing, making props, being the videographer and director. Students enjoy Readers Theatre activities and the upper school have the opportunity to use the school stage in their drama performances. 


Humpybong SS students are encouraged and supported to compete in the Lions Peace Prize Award Competition (Annually), The Tasmania Bay of Fires Competition (2022), The Redcliffe Show, (Annually), Zart Art Student Competition (2021 and 2022), The Moreton Bay Youth Art Prize Awards (2022), Kippa Ring Shopping Centre Christmas Tree community project, (2022), Qld Police colouring in Competition, (2021 and 2022), The Luke Howarth Christmas Card competition. (Annually)


As an extra-curricular opportunity, students can elect to join our Wakakirri dance group that rehearses after school in preparation for the annual nation-wide Wakakirri story dance event.

At the end of each school year we hold the H Factor talent show, allowing students from Years 1-6 to perform on our hall stage for the whole school, in a celebration of the school year and the many talents of our students.

Last reviewed 31 May 2022
Last updated 31 May 2022