Year 3


​​In Year 3, students begin to explore 'Our Place'. In Geography, they learn about the states and territories in Australia, and where Australia is in our global neighbourhood, while in Science, they learn about Earth's place within our solar system. In English, students build on their early writing skills as they to begin to write in more formal genres, exploring simple narrative texts, persuasive texts, informative texts and poetry and explore how to use language to write about ideas in books. In Maths, students begin to work with numbers to 10 000.

In Year 3, we teach and assess the Australian Curriculum. Students are taught and assessed in English, Maths, Science, HASS (History and Geography), Technology (Design and Digital technologies), The Arts, HPE and LOTE (Languages Other Than English – Japanese). The Arts, HASS, LOTE and HPE are taken by a Specialist Teacher, while all other subjects are taught and assessed by the class teacher.

During Year 3, students also take part in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). In 2022, this will take place online during the period May 10 – 20.


Deep Learning in Year 3

In Year 3, the Deep Learning focus is on learning to be creative, through writing simple creative stories, being creative when designing a farm for the future, writing a creative poem or creating their own presentation. They continue to learn how to persevere through learning challenges, and use strategies to manage their emotions so that they can learn. Students identify intended and unintended consequences of actions and explore the concepts of self-discipline and having a conscience. They continue to learn how to Collaborate, and learn what it means to make a group decision.

Their Global Competencies focus includes learning about the transfer of heat within the context of a place in the world without reliable power, learning about issues related to large-scale commercial farming and what farms of the future might look like, and exploring a range of local and global issues of interest to them.


School events for Year 3

Every year, our Year 3 students take part in a number of special events including the HumBee (Spelling Bee), Find the Hump (Maths Bee) and the H factor. The H factor is Humpbong's answer to The X Factor, where students perform first for their class, then if selected, their year level and finally, if selected, showcase their talents during our H factor Variety Performance during the last week of school for the year.

 Year 3 students also have the opportunity to apply to be a Class Representative on the Student Council, and on a Student Committee.

The 2022 planned excursion program for Year 3 includes a visit by Big Bang Science in Term 1 to explore how matter changes state, a visit to the Sparklab/Queensland Museum in Term 2 to explore concepts related to Science, a visit by StarLab early in Term 4 to experience a planetarium and explore our Solar System and a 2-day overnight Camp in Term 4. Also in Term 4, students will take part in our Learn-to-swim program at the Dolphins Aquatic Centre, Redcliffe.


The 2022 Year 3 curriculum documents are available for you to access. 

Last reviewed 06 May 2022
Last updated 06 May 2022