Year 5


In Year 5, students are exploring the concept of impacts. In Science, they explore the impact of the Australian environment on the adaptations of native plants and animals and the impact of Earth's position in space on life on Earth, while in History, they explore the impact of the Gold Rushes on the development of Australia. In Geography, they explore the impact of the Australian climate on people and places. In English, students develop more control over their writing by writing a narrative, informative text, persuasive text, and a picture book. In Maths, students explore fractions and decimals to hundredths.

In Year 5, we teach and assess the Australian Curriculum. Students are taught and assessed in English, Maths, Science, HASS (History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business), Technology (Design and Digital technologies), The Arts, HPE and LOTE (Languages Other Than English – Japanese). The Arts, LOTE and HPE are taken by a Specialist Teacher, while all other subjects are taught and assessed by the class teacher.

During Year 5, students also take part in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). In 2022, this will take place online during the period May 10 – 20.

Deep Learning in Year 5

In Year 5, the Deep Learning focus is on becoming engaged learners. Students learn they need to engage in their learning by asking research questions, then reading and note-taking to find the answer, in order to ask the next question. They continue to take responsibility for personal learning goals. Students learn that showing self-discipline means staying focussed on their own learning task, and working more independently. They explore ethical concepts such as truth and justice.

Their Global Competencies focus includes exploring the concepts of generalisations and stereotypes, identifying human actions that have an impact on the environment related to floods and bushfires, and exploring issues that impact animals when they cannot adapt fast enough to human-caused habitat changes, such as deforestation.


School events for Year 5

Every year, our Year 5 students take part in a number of special events including the HumBee (Spelling Bee), Find the Hump (Maths Bee) and the H factor. The H factor is Humpbong's answer to The X Factor, where students perform first for their class, then if selected, their year level and finally, if selected, showcase their talents during our H factor Variety Performance during the last week of school for the year.

Year 5 students also have the opportunity to apply to be a Class Representative on the Student Council, and on a Student Committee.


The 2022 planned excursion program for Year 5 includes a visit to St Helena Island in Term 1 to learn about the Moreton Bay Penal Colony, an incursion by Mad about Science in Term 2 to explore the properties of light, a visit to the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium in Term 3 to learn about the Solar System and experience a life-sized sky dome, and Year 5 Camp.

The 2022 Year 5 curriculum documents are available for you to access.

Last reviewed 06 May 2022
Last updated 06 May 2022