Year 4


In Year 4, students are exploring observable changes. In History, they are looking at the changes to Australia brought about by colonisation, while in Science, they explore changes in lifecycles, changes to the Earth's surface and changes caused by forces. In English, students develop their writing skills to write a traditional tale, informative report, persuasive text and book report, while in Maths, students work with numbers to tens of thousands.

In Year 4, we teach and assess the Australian Curriculum. Students are taught and assessed in English, Maths, Science, HASS (History and Geography), Technology (Design and Digital technologies), The Arts, HPE and LOTE (Languages Other Than English – Japanese). The Arts, HASS, LOTE and HPE are taken by a Specialist Teacher, while all other subjects are taught and assessed by the class teacher.


Deep Learning in Year 4

In Year 4, the Deep Learning focus is on growing student awareness of the world around them. They begin to explore strategies they can use to help them learn and how to identify their emotions and how these impact on their learning. They grow their understanding of self-discipline to identify what this means in everyday class contexts and begin to explore concepts such as honesty and fairness, and the concept of 'ethical. Students continue to learn how to research, choosing topics and taking notes on topics of their own choice and continue to learn how to Collaborate when working in a group, by listening to others and completing their job in the group.

Their Global Competencies focus includes exploring issues caused by human actions to marine food webs, building deeper understanding of issues around the disposal of waste from packaging products, exploring countries and cultures that are different to their own through a focus on designing an object for use in a world without power, and learning about the impacts of erosion on the landscape.


School events for Year 4

Every year, our Year 4 students take part in a number of special events including the HumBee (Spelling Bee), Find the Hump (Maths Bee) and the H factor. The H factor is Humpbong's answer to The X Factor, where students perform first for their class, then if selected, their year level and finally, if selected, showcase their talents during our H factor Variety Performance during the last week of school for the year.

Year 4 students also have the opportunity to apply to be a Class Representative on the Student Council, and on a Student Committee.


The 2022 planned excursion program for Year 4 includes a visit to Sea Life (Mooloolaba) in Term 1 to learn about food webs and marine ecosystems, a visit to Ngautana Lui in Term 2 to learn about Indigenous cultures, a visit by Living History in Term 3 to learn about colonial life and a Science Field Trip to Scott's Point in Term 4, investigating coastal erosion. Year 4 students also attend a two night camp in Term 2, and during Term 4, they take part in our Learn-to-swim program at the Dolphins Aquatic Centre, Redcliffe.

The 2022 Year 4 curriculum documents are available for you to access. 

Last reviewed 06 May 2022
Last updated 06 May 2022