Humpybong State School is committed to providing a quality education for all students from the Australian Curriculum, with a focus on high expectations and a belief that our students can achieve and succeed. This is reflected in our Mission Statement:

Working together to support all students to develop skills, compassion and innovation to navigate their future,

We continue to reflect on current practice and aim to nurture student development in a supportive school environment.

Humpybong State School's agenda for improvement is to ensure that every day, in every classroom, every Humpybong student is learning and achieving within a safe, supportive, inclusive and disciplined learning environment.

Humpybong State School is committed to the core learning priorities of: 

  • Reading
  • Writing, including Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation
  • Numeracy, including Problem Solving
  • Science

Our Whole School Curriculum Plan is developed from ACARA's Australian Curriculum, and our teachers plan, teach, reflect and report directly on student achievement from these achievement standards.

Deep Learning

What sets Humpybong State School apart from other schools is our embedded focus on developing students as individuals and global citizens, through our New Pedagogies for Deep Learning/ Global Competencies lens. We are part of Education Queensland's Global Competencies program, where we actively teach and explore Global Competencies. For more information, view our video here. 



Through this lens, we explicitly teach the skills and attributes identified as essential 21st Century Skills/soft skills, by organisations worldwide. We teach these through a focus on the General Capabilities (see our Subject and Programs page), and by embedding units of work into real world contexts, to encourage students to see learning as authentic and real, to see themselves as part of, and connected to the wider world and to help develop an understanding of their place in a wider, global community. We aim for our students to view themselves as capable of acting within their world to make a positive difference.


Unit examples include:

Prep: Term 3 English, Science, Design:

Within the context of learning about materials in Science, students explore the concept of recycling. The use the Design Process to design an object using recycled materials, and use their growing literacy skills to both talk and write about their experiences

Year 3: Term 2 English, Science, Design:

Within the context of learning about Living and Non-Living in Science, students explore the concept of the scarcity of resources and learn how farms of the future may look very different to today. They use the Design Process to design their own Farm of the Future, and use their literacy skills to write a persuasive text about an issue they have learned about during the unit.

Year 6: Term 3 English, HASS:

Within the context of learning about the experiences of migrants to Australia in the 20th century, students explore the concept of displaced people today (refugees). In English, they read the novel Boy Overboard  by Morris Gleitzman,  and read a variety of other texts about refugees, including poetry, and learn to identify how the same topic is presented in different ways. In HASS, they take part in our Refugee Role Play, before using their skills in Character, Critical Thinking and Communication to research and present the story of one well-known Australian refugee.

​Curriculum support staff

Humpybong State School boasts a Head of Department (Curriculum) and Learning Leaders who have various roles and responsibilities to support teachers in their pedagogical practice and supporting all students.

We work on an Inclusive Education model, and each Year Level is supported by an Inclusion Teacher and Teacher Aide to support all students to achieve personal, social and academic outcomes.

Our teachers are further supported by teacher aides who cycle into every classroom daily during reading groups to provide small group focussed support to students.

We employ full time teacher aides to work alongside teachers in every Prep Classroom as we believe that this first year of education is crucial to the development of a solid foundation for learning and achieving.​

Last reviewed 31 May 2022
Last updated 31 May 2022