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Humpybong State School was established in 1876 and is an Independent Public School providing quality education by raising expectations, reflecting on current practice and nurturing student development in a supportive school environment.

The total student Prep to Year 6 enrolment is approximately 820 in a co-educational setting. The Humpybong State School social climate has at its heart the philosophy of inclusion. Significant emphasis is placed on providing a learning environment where all students feel safe and supported through our Positive Behaviour for Learning curriculum based on the 4 Cares: Care for Self, Care for Others, Care for Learning and Care for Property.

In 2019 we modified our school practices to include strategies from the Berry Street Education Model, which provides teachers with researched based strategies based on 5 elements: relationships, understanding body, stamina, character and engagement.

Our school takes great pride in maintaining a strong sense of family through our commitment to a shared ownership of all student outcomes and developing parent skills through our regular Parent Partnership forums. This triangle of parent, student and school is firmly embedded in all school operations and is strongly encouraged as part of our 3-Way Reporting processes.

In 2017, our school became one of 1,400 school across the globe to commit to the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning project (NPDL). While teaching the Australian Curriculum, students particularly focus on developing skills in Character, Citizenship, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Communication (6C's) to take their work deeper. Student voice, partnerships, connecting to the real world and leveraging digital all contribute to enriching student learning and engagement.

Our school offers a wide variety of extra curricular activities such as the traditional sporting and musical activities, as well as robotics and coding. As a launch school for integrating digital technologies into the curriculum, our staff and students are supported by a digi-tech coach. Improving teacher pedagogy through coaching, mentoring and high quality professional development is a key focus across the school.

We are very fortunate at Humpybong State School to have committed and hard-working professional teaching staff and ancillary team. These people work long hours particularly with extra-curricular activities to ensure we maximise opportunities for our students. Our school vision is ‘A sea of learning for the future’ and our school has a commitment to ensuring all our students are well prepared for their futures.

I am extremely proud to be part of this great school where we honour tradition but embrace change. I am part of an exceptional staff which is evident in classrooms and around the school. This school is alive with learning which is evident when you walk around and see coaching, training, supporting and pushing our students to be the best version of themselves possible.


bong State School has a big heart. We care for each and every child and our students are proud to say they went to Humpybong State School.

We live by our school motto, ensuring our students are ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Catherine Waldron


Last reviewed 02 January 2020
Last updated 02 January 2020