Subjects and programs


​​​At Humpybong State School, we teach and assess the Australian Curriculum from Prep to Year 6.

Our team of specialist teachers deliver the Australian Curriculum in the Arts (Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Media Arts), LOTE and HPE. A trained HASS teacher (History and Geography) also delivers the HASS curriculum for students from Prep – Year 4.

We have a strong focus on student involvement in learning. All students set personal learning goals in Reading, Writing and Maths, with the support of their class teacher. Students track these goals as they work towards achieving them. These goals are reported on during our Three-Way Reporting, where students, their parents and the class teacher discuss student progress.


Deep Learning

What sets Humpybong State School apart from other schools is our embedded focus on developing students as individuals and global citizens, through our New Pedagogies for Deep Learning/ Global Competencies lens.

We actively and explicitly teach the General Capabilities from the Australian Curriculum, fostering student growth in Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding, Intercultural Understanding and Critical and Creative Thinking, through programs such as our Positive Behaviour for Learning and Berry Street Education model as well as our core curriculum subjects. We do this through a focus on six key competencies:

Character – building resilience, student responsibility for their learning and an ethical understanding

Citizenship – building understanding of local and global issues, fostering a sense of responsibility for the local environment and an understanding of different cultures and perspectives

Collaboration – building skills for working with others: co-operative behaviour such as taking turns, making group decisions and learning how to work through group challenges, as well as how to recognise and accept other group member's points of view

Critical thinking – building skills in finding, taking and evaluating information in texts, learning how to create new knowledge and think logically, and make connections between what has been learned and what is already known

Creativity – learning how to look for new ideas and possibilities, how to build on existing ideas, how to challenge existing ideas and generate other solutions

Communication – learning how to choose the best method to communicate with a chosen audience to get a message across – what level of formality to use, how to sequence ideas, what other tools to use.

Every term, students explicitly grow their skills and understanding in Character and Citizenship, and across the year focus on one other C each term. These are embedded within units of work, and reported on as a comment during Academic Reporting.

In addition to our 6 Cs, Deep Learning at Humpybong State School also involves units of work being taught within a real-world context, and linked between subject areas, so that students understand that learning is for life, not just something we do at school.​

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Last reviewed 31 May 2022
Last updated 31 May 2022