Year 6


In Year 6, students are exploring their connections with the global community. In Science, they are exploring the impact of human actions on animals that hibernate and migrate, sources of energy and how humans prepare for and deal with natural disasters. In HASS, they are exploring how Australia has developed, and the experiences of different groups of people during the 20th century. They are making links with current events, learning that we are connected to the wider world. In English, students write a persuasive text on a sustainability issue they are interested in, research and present an informative text about an animal of their choice that hibernates or migrates, identify elements of author's style and write a narrative set within the context of a natural disaster of their choosing.

In Year 6, we teach and assess the Australian Curriculum. Students are taught and assessed in English, Maths, Science, HASS (History, Geography, Civics, Economics and Business), Technology (Design and Digital technologies), The Arts, HPE and LOTE (Languages Other Than English – Japanese). The Arts, LOTE and HPE are taken by a Specialist Teacher, while all other subjects are taught and assessed by the class teacher.

Deep Learning in Year 6

In Year 6, the Deep Learning focus is on becoming global learners, and growing independence in preparation for High School. Students learn how to set and meet deadlines for learning, and apply strategies to self-regulate so they can complete learning tasks. They learn to identify how they learn best, and organise themselves to facilitate this.

Their Global Competencies focus includes exploring a range of global issues and growing intercultural understanding. Students explore a range of sustainability issues as they write persuasive texts, explore the impact of climate change on animals that hibernate or migrate and explore issues surrounding migrants and refugees. They also learn about First Nations cultures as they learn how traditional knowledge has helped peoples predict and survive natural disasters.


School events for Year 6

Every year, our Year 6 students take part in a number of special events including the HumBee (Spelling Bee), Find the Hump (Maths Bee) and the H factor. The H factor is Humpbong's answer to The X Factor, where students perform first for their class, then if selected, their year level and finally, if selected, showcase their talents during our H factor Variety Performance during the last week of school for the year.

As school leaders, Year 6 students also have the opportunity take on a Leadership role within the school. These roles include Class Representative on the Student Council, and on a Student Committee, Band/Choir/Music/Sports House Captains, Language Leaders, Indigenous Captain or School Captain.


The 2022 planned excursion program includes a visit by Big Bang Education in Term 1 to learn about changes to materials, a visit by Living History in Term 2 to explore Australia's development as a nation, and a school-based Refugee role play incursion in Term 3. The Year 6 camp also occurs during Term 3. In Term 4, students visit an attraction in SE Queensland to celebrate the end of their Primary Schooling.

During Term 3, students take part in either Year 6 Canberra Camp or Year 6 Camp at School. Students attending the Canberra camp fly/drive to Canberra for a week, exploring locations such as Parliament House, the Australian War Memorial and Questacon, as well as a day trip to experience snow. Students remaining at school take part in a Camp at School program, negotiated by the remaining students and teachers.

The 2022 Year 6 curriculum documents are available for you to access. 

Last reviewed 06 May 2022
Last updated 06 May 2022