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​Welcome to our great school community!

Humpybong State School community is made up of the staff, students and parents who collectively work together to set the tone of C.A.R.E for each other across the whole school campus.

The Administration Team consists of the Principal, Mrs Catherine Waldron; Deputy Principal Prep - Year 2, Mrs Ronnie Kostaschuk; Deputy Principal Year 3-6, Mrs Tina Burrows and the Head of Special Education Services, Mrs Jo Ruddell. Our Administration Team also consists of a Head of Curriculum, Mrs Melanie Wetton and a Master Teacher, Mrs Melissa Wood.

The Office Staff consists of the Business Services Manager, Mrs Kath Watterson; and our front office staff Mrs Mary Bostock, Mrs Stacey Roberts and Mrs Janice Coyne.

We boast 31 Classrooms from Prep - Year 6 across the campus.  In Prep we invest in full time teacher aides so that our youngest learners recieve the intensive attention and support for their first year of education.

We have a Master Teacher, Two teacher mentors and one ICT Coach who all engage in classroom teaching, modelled teaching, coaching and mentoring of all staff within the school.

We have 5 specialist teachers - Health and Physical Education, Music, The Arts, History/Geography and Languages Other Than English (LO.T.E. which is Japanese). Every class in every year level will attend these specialist lessons.  (L.O.T.E for Yrs 3-6 only).

By implementing specialist teachers and lessons this year across these 5 subject areas enables your child's class teacher to plan, teach, implement and assess only the focus curriculum areas of English, Maths and Science from the National Curriculum.

In 2017, we will employ a fulltime Digital Technologies Teacher, Mr Reid Moule, to teach every class a focus area within the Digital Technologies. STEAM is a major focus of the school Annual Implementation Plan and we are a project school for the N.P.D.L - New Pedagogies for Deep Learning.

We boast 2 Support Teachers:Literacy and Numeracy to work with implement intervention programs, Individual Curriculum Plans and support teachers to differentiate the curriculum in their classrooms. We release experienced teachers for part of their role to be Mentor Teachers to the classroom teachers. The focus of the Mentor Teachers is to assist classroom teachers with curriculum pedagogy and implementation of differentiation to support all learner needs.

Our ancillary staff consists of teacher aides who are highly trained in the reading groups and comprehension processes of the school and who work extensively in classrooms.  They have strong skills in all areas of numeracy and problem solving.  All teacher aides support intervention programs in small groups or one-to-one with students.

Our Chappy Nicola works Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She runs a playgroup on Wednesday mornings for any families who are considering Humpybong State School Prep in 2018 and 2019.  Come along and say hi to Nicola in the Chappy Centre.  Chappy Nicola also runs Kids Fun Club (K.F.C) on a Wednesday lunch for all students across the school. She provides pastoral care - if any child is upset of needs support to make friends - Nicola is on the task!  She can provide book pack and class supplies, uniforms, lunches, food hampers and other clothing items to support children at school or families in their homes.

We look forward to a fantastic 2016 with all families and friends of Humpybong State School. 

Humpybong State School, the school of choice for families on the Peninsula.

Last reviewed 07 January 2020
Last updated 07 January 2020