Prep Year


​​As the first formal year of schooling, Prep is about learning to “do school" as well as building the foundations for learning in key subject areas. Prep students at Humpybong State School are supported in this by their class teacher and a full time teacher aide, as well as support staff from across the school.

In Prep, we teach and assess the Australian Curriculum. Prep students are taught and assessed in English, Maths, Science, HASS (History and Geography), Technology (Design and Digital technologies), The Arts and HPE. The Arts, HASS and HPE are taken by a Specialist Teacher, while all other subjects are taught and assessed by the class teacher.

​We have an intense focus on providing our Prep students with the foundation literacy, numeracy and behaviour skills they need to thrive at school. Our phonics program (SSP) provides students with explicit teaching and practise at developing foundation literacy skills, and we have a hands-on, explicit focus on teaching core mathematical concepts. We partner this with a focus on the Competencies of Character and Collaboration, and explicitly teaching students how to learn with others at school.


Deep Learning in Prep

In Prep, the Deep Learning focus is on students learning about learning: how to listen, how to take part in learning, how to work with others in a small group and most importantly, that mistakes are part of learning. They also begin to explore the global world through exploring stories and fairy tales from other cultures, beginning to learn about waste and recycling and learning that there are other countries in the world that have different weather to us.

​School events for Prep

Every year, our Prep students take part in a number of special events for the Junior School, including the Easter Bonnet Parade, Early Years Celebration, 100 days of school and Grandparents' Day, as well as taking part in whole school events such as Find the HUMP (Maths Bee) and the H factor. The H factor is Humpybong's answer to The X Factor, where students perform first for their class, then if selected, their year level and finally, if selected, showcase their talents during our H factor Variety Performance during the last week of school for the year.

In 2022 the planned excursion program for Preps includes a trip to Trevana Glen Farm in Term 1 to learn about the features of animals, an incursion by Big Bang Science in Term 2 to learn about how things move, and a theatre trip to Twelfth Night Theatre in Term 4, where students will watch a play. More information about all these activities will be provided closer to the date.

The 2022 Prep curriculum documents ​are available for you to access. These include an overview of the Prep curriculum and more information about Deep Learning in Prep.​

2023 Prep Enrolments

At Humpybong, we take enrolments for up to 5 Prep classes for the following year. We have an enrolment catchment area, but do take enrolments for consideration from outside this area.

To complete an enrolment, please contact the school office to submit an enrolment form. You will need:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of residential address


To provide information about enrolment in Prep for 2023, we hold a number of events:

  1. Parent Information Sessions (6th /7th  June)
  2. Prep Open morning (30th July)
  3. Early Years Celebration (26th August – open to all 2023 Prep enrolments to attend with our current Prep/Year 1 classes)
  4. Transition morning (December)
  5. School tours (Weekly – see the School Tours information for booking)

We also run Step Up transition programs during Terms 3 and 4, one morning a week, by invitation only.​

Last reviewed 31 May 2022
Last updated 31 May 2022