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Student Resource Scheme and Booklists 2017

​The Student Resource Scheme provides for all elements of the curriculum that are not part of the book back. Items such as art and craft; science materials; historical studies; stationery supplies and paper are all provided as part of the scheme.

Humpybong State School operates a Student Resource Scheme for the benefit of all students whose parents decide to participate, sign the Student Resource Scheme Participation Agreement Form and make the appropriate payment.

A parent is directly responsible for providing the student with textbooks and other resources for a student’s use while attending school. 


As a service to assist parents with the cost of these educational resources, the school  chooses to operate a Student Resource Scheme.


The purpose of the scheme is to provide the parent with a cost effective alternative to

purchasing textbooks, resources, consumables and/or materials from elsewhere, through reduced prices gained from the school’s bulk purchasing processes.   

The Student Resource Scheme at Humpybong State School is $160 for Prep (which provides ALL prep resources for the entire year - no additional costs or booklists required to be purchased) and $80 for Years 1-6. Standard booklists are required for each year level:


How to Order Your Booklist

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


At Humpybong State School we offer a discount if the scheme is paid in full by 28 February 2017.
We also offer a family cap of $250.


A example of the Student Resource Scheme Supplies List (for one term) demonstrates what additional resources may be purchased for your child's use throughout the school year. The requirements are specific each term based on the curriculum.

If a parent chooses to participate in the scheme and completes a Student Resource Scheme Participation Agreement Form, a participation fee is due and payable by the parent.


Participation in the scheme is optional however a parent who does not wish to join the scheme is responsible for providing the student with the items that would otherwise have been provided to the student by the scheme as detailed on the Student Resource Scheme Supplies List per term to enable the student to engage with the curriculum.

When calculated out over a 40 week teaching and learning year - the Student Resource Scheme works our at $4 per week for a prep child; and only $2 per week for Years 1-6. This small cost per week covers the online subscription to Mathletics and Reading Eggs (plus the code for you to use at home) and all the necessary art, craft, stationery, photocopying and additional supplies for the complete educational needs of your child whilst on the school grounds.


Extra-curricular activities (such as instrumental music, camps, interschool sport, excursions) will still incur costs additional to the booklist and Student Resource Scheme. In 2017 the Student Resource Scheme must be fully paid or up-to-date in your preferred option prior to your child accessing any of the extra-curricular activities of the school.

For further information about the Student Resource Scheme and to view the payment options you can read the Student Resource Scheme Information Sheet.

If you have any questions in relation to the Student Resource Scheme and the benefits for you family in participating you can direct those to or alternatively make an appointment through the office to meet with a member of the administration team.